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500 g of Ricotta gentile cheese, 200 ml of whip cream, 160 g of sugar, 3 egg yolks, 4 g of gelatine sheets, 3 table spoon of candied citrus fruits, 50 g of candied orange peel, 100 ml of full cream milk, 300 g of mixed berries, 50 g of Crema di Cassis liquor.

In a bowl which is in the water bath, beat the egg yolks with 60 g of sugar and slowly pour the warm milk, mix it until you reach a fluid cream. The cream will be ready once it reaches a temperature of 82-83 °C. Then add the gelatine sheets and remove it from the water bath. Add the citrus fruits. Now it’s time to incorporate the ricotta gentile with the cream you have just made and whip cream. Pour the mixture into a tray (which has individual stamp) and let it cool down at 0 °C for two hours. In the meantime, blend the ¾ of mix berries with the remaining sugar and the Crema of Cassis liquor and cook it on a slow eat for 6 minutes at 80 °C. Take out the small Ricotta Gentile tarts and place them on individual plates, pour on top the sauce, the remaining mix berries, the orange zest and serve.

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Supa siniscolesa
Siniscolesa soupe

Ingredients (10 people):
1 kg of cilindrato bread for Siniscolesa soup, 1litre and a half of cow and mutton broth, 400 g of cow meat, canned tomatoes, mutton brains, cooking lard, olive oil, a mixed of Pecorino Rigato cheese (aged and fresh).

In a pot prepare the broth of cow and mutton meat. In another pot prepare the tomatoes sauce with the cow meat cut in cubes (when it’s almost ready, add part of the mutton brain).
Cut the cilindrato bread in to slides.
In a tray, which has been greased with the cooking lard, create a layer of tomato sauce, a layer of Pecorino Rigato cheese and a layer of cilindrato bread (wet the bread with the broth). Repeat the same process and finish off with a layer of tomato sauce and Pecorino Rigato cheese.
Place in the oven and cook on a medium eat for two hours. 

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Acciughe ripiene con formaggio Sinì
Stuffed anchovies with Sinì cheese

600 g of fresh anchovies, 50 g breadcrumbs, 80 g of Sinì cheese, 50 g of flour, 2 eggs, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 lemon, 2 tbsp. of parsley, 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Prepare anchovies (remove heads, inside and bones). Wash anchovies and place them on a table cloth. Combine a mixture of parsley, garlic and grated Sini cheese. Stuffed the anchovies with the prepared mixture. Beat two eggs in a glass bowl, dip the stuffed anchovies into the beaten eggs and coated them with the flour and breadcrumbs mixed, deep fried them and served with a slide of lemon.

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Pane carasau e pecorino
Carasau bread with
Pecorino Rigato cheese

Carasau bread, Pecorino Rigato L’armentizia, extra virgin olive oil.

In a tray, place two sheets of carasau bread, drizzle with olive oil, a few slides of Pecorino Rigato cheese and put them into the oven for a few minutes. Served when it’s still hot.      

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