To tell our land, you can choose different ways to grasp the intertwining, the events and the spirit of those who live there.
But whether we choose to tell the story, whether we start from nature or from people's lives and traditions, we must talk about foods, their production and their thousand meanings.
What we produce, and what we eat, affects our whole life.

You cannot get to know our land without knowing its foods and cheeses.
The really aspect of our island, its landscapes, our rhythms and our language, owe a lot to the world of farming and dairy production.

The Armentizia was born and is located in Siniscola, a quiet town overlooking the sea in the north eastern coast of Sardinia, and its beauties are many and varied.
They include long white beaches, still wild and intact, bordered by brackish ponds where flamingos rest.
But just go inside to meet the mountains, with peaks over a thousand meters, forests with holm oaks, badgers and downy oaks, where wild boars, foxes, martens live and over which eagles and buzzards can be seen flying.
This land has always been home to shepherds and farmers.

Here nature and grazing in the wild give birth to sheep's milk of the highest quality, which is the first secret of dairy production.
Armentizia is a cooperative that has been processing genuine local milk for more than forty years to create traditional Sardinian cheeses.
It was born from the intuition and collaboration of the first partners, who had already understood many years ago how important it was to preserve and make known the treasures of taste and quality of our land.
And the way of working has not changed since then.

Armentizia has a name that speaks of a world that has remained identical for centuries, in uses and rhythms.
Armentum means flock, in the Latin language, which is found here in many, many words that have remained the same over the centuries. Words have not changed, traditions have not changed, wild nature has not changed. For this reason, in our cheeses, the flavors have not changed.


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Sardinia - italia


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