To tell about our land we can choose different ways to understand the intertwining between the events and the spirit of the people who live in this land. We can choose to talk about the history of this land, the nature, the people ways of life and their traditions but no matter which topic we decide to choose, we can’t avoid talking about the food and the way it has been produced and so many meanings related to it.

The way it’s been produced and what we eat influences our life. It is impossible to understand our land without knowing our food and in particular, ours cheeses.

The landscape of our land, our way of life, and our language associated to the nature of shepherds and their productions of cheeses.

L’armentizia is a dairy products co-operative, it was founded in Siniscola, a peaceful town situated near the sea in the oriental cost of Sardinia. The landscape varies from beautiful uncontaminated white beaches surrounded by ponds where the flamingos rest. There are mountains with peaks more than one thousand meters high, wild forests are the home of wild boars, foxes, martens, eagles and common buzzard. This land has been forever the house of shepherds and farmers. The landscape and the way sheep and goats are free to roam around is critical for the production of very high quality sheep and goat milk and cheeses.

L’armenzia of Siniscola has been labouring the milk of this territory and has been producing high quality Sardinia cheeses for more than forty years. L’armentizia of Siniscola was created by the intuition and collaboration of the founders, who understood the importance of the territory and its treasures, in order to preserve and to bring it to the table, this wonderful product of this Sardinian cheese. The way of making this cheese has not been changed since then.

L’armentizia is a name that refers to the nature and story of our shepherds, their story and their world has not been changed in the centuries.

Armentum means flock in Latin, a language that can be found in many Sardinian words, words that have not been changed in centuries as well as the traditions and the wild landscape.
This is the fundamental element of our wonderful cheeses and their flavors.


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